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Chilliwack BBQ Supply



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Unleash the Smoky Magic: Backyard Smoke Masterclass!

Calling all culinary enthusiasts and backyard BBQ aficionados! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the captivating world of pellet and charcoal smokers. Our immersive masterclass is tailor-made for cooks seeking an introduction to the art of smoking, with a special focus on the crown jewels of BBQ: pork ribs and chicken.

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds as we guide you through the complete plan for creating mouthwatering, tender ribs and succulent smoked chicken that will have everyone begging for seconds. But that's not all! Our culinary adventure doesn't stop there. We'll also teach you how to craft a delectable smoked appetizer or dessert, along with two irresistible side dishes – all cooked to perfection on your smoker!

During this captivating Masterclass:

🔥 Dive into the fundamentals of smoking, from understanding different types of smokers to mastering temperature control and smoke infusion techniques. 🍖 Discover the secrets to achieving flawlessly tender and flavorful ribs that will have your guests in awe of your culinary prowess. 🍗 Unlock the techniques for smoking chicken to juicy, smoky perfection – from brining and seasoning to achieving that sought-after crispy skin. 🍽️ Delight in the art of creating show-stopping smoked desserts that will elevate your BBQ spreads to new heights. 🥗 Explore the realm of irresistible sides, as we reveal two delectable dishes that perfectly complement your smoky creations.

Led by our seasoned smoke masters, you'll receive hands-on training, insider tips, and step-by-step guidance that will transform you into the ultimate backyard smoke maestro. Whether you're a beginner seeking to unlock the secrets of smoke or a seasoned pitmaster looking to refine your skills, this masterclass is your passport to BBQ greatness.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to ignite your passion for smoke, elevate your backyard BBQ game, and become the envy of your friends and neighbors. Enroll now to secure your place in the Backyard Smoke Masterclass – a truly transformative experience for your taste buds!

Date: July Saturday 8th ,2023 .
Time: [1:00 pm - 4:00 pm]
Location: Chilliwack BBQ Supply, 7955 Evans Rd , Chilliwack
Investment: $100

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