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Lechosa Hot Sauce

Lechosa's Hot Sauce

Lechosa's Hot Sauce

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A Spanish immigrant in search of the American dream set out to infuse his heritage and love for spicy food into a lasting legacy for the Lechosas name. And thus was born Lechosas hot sauce, the boldest and most flavorful sauce your taste buds have ever experienced.

The Original: The sauce that goes on anything! A blend of Spanish and American flavors with an eclectic mix of lime and saffron, The Original pairs with your favorite foods like no other sauce you’ve had.

Oh Boy Jalapeno: Notorious for making tasters spontaneously shout, “Oh boy, that’s delicious!” This sauce packs a bold jalapeno flavor with a kick. Jalapeno peppers and a touch of ghost pepper gives this sauce a full flavor for those looking to intensify the flavor of any meal. Perfect for breakfast burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and more.

Mango Habanero: Our Mango Habanero sauce will make a man-go crazy! You’ll love the madness of habaneros mixed with the sweetness of mangos even more than you love our puns! This bold and tangy sauce mixes perfectly with your favorite Mexican and Caribbean dishes, and goes particularly well with fish!

The Ghost: This hot sauce won't ghost you like your last Tinder date! Not for the faint of heart, but this sauce is perfect for adding intense flavor to any dish! This mix of red anaheim and red bell peppers along with the infamous ghost pepper creates a spicy sauce that will have you sweating and loving every bite.

Carolina Madness: This is madness! Those who don’t fear the reaper will love the intense flavor and burn of our Carolina Madness sauce. Goes well on most dishes, whether you are making wings or a pot of chili. Known to bring tears of joy (and a red face) to those who consume it!

Peach Habanero: Well, that’s just peachy! This sauce is the perfect amount of spice of habaneros and sweetness of peaches to bring your Caribbean and Mexican dishes to the next level. We recommend trying it with chicken tacos!



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