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Combekk Sous-Chef double handle Black 28 cm

Combekk Sous-Chef double handle Black 28 cm

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The perfect allrounder. The Sous-Chef Double Handle is made from 100% recycled, high quality cast iron. This item is  available in black, red and orange. It's provided with a strong, durable enamel coating so you can enjoy it a long time. Suitable for every heat source (even induction and the bbq).


🇳🇱  Dutch Design
🌱 Most sustainable cookware brand in the world
✨ Highest quality


The Sous-Chef Double Handle is made from the best cast iron and is 100% recycled. A perfect allrounder. You can bake a cake or pie, make a lovely risotto and even use it to grill side dishes. Turn it upside down and you can even bake pizzas on the bottom. No matter if you choose induction or bbq. We can (double) handle every heat source.

The Sous-Chef range has a superstrong enamel coating and can be recognized by the bit more subtle design and its bold and bright three colors: red, orange, and black.

More good news: the lid of the matching Dutch Oven can be used on the fry pan. That's nice, right?

Last, but not least, at the bottom there's a stamp to remind you that you’re cooking with a 100% recycled item. Also available in 24cm (matching with the 24cm Sous-Chef Dutch Oven).

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