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Croix Valley Foods

Croix Valley Worcestershire Sauce & Steak Marinade

Croix Valley Worcestershire Sauce & Steak Marinade

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Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the culinary world's best-kept secret, finally unleashed! After years of stealthy testing on the competitive steak scene, we present Croix Valley Worcestershire Sauce – the sauce of champions! This all-natural concoction boasts a flawless blend of ingredients and spices, delivering a mouthwatering, savory punch. Say goodbye to artificial additives and MSG, and hello to tangy, aromatic bliss that'll make your taste buds sing "Hallelujah!"

We've been giving test batch bottles to our friends on the Steak Competition scene for the last year or so and here's what they have to say:

"A sauce with perfect balance. Everything hits at just the right amount. Savory, but there's a sweet tang, and it all hits just right. Perfect to add to a marinade." - Dan Dicke, SCA Competitor.

"Jay and I believe it adds a sweet and savory flavor that puts it a cut above the rest. It adds a whole new dimension to our cooking." - Jay and Wendy Kassera, SCA Competitors.

"The Croix Valley Worcestershire Sauce became a staple for me the first time I used it. It added great flavor to my competition steaks and has found many uses in the home kitchen!" - Paul Perpich, SCA Competitor.

"This is the best Worcestershire sauce out there! After adding it to my competition steak recipe I saw my taste scores dramatically improve. This is now my go to both at home and on the competition trail!" - Sue Perpich, SCA Competitor.

"I’ve been using the Croix Valley Worcestershire sauce for about nine months now in competition. The sauce adds an amazing flavor to my comp steaks and brisket. I couldn’t be happier with it or the results I’ve gotten using it." - Ryan Hegland SCA Competitor.

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