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Hardcore Carnivore

Hardcore Carnivore 6" Trimming & Boning Knife

Hardcore Carnivore 6" Trimming & Boning Knife

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The signature Hardcore Carnivore 6" semi-flexible trimming/boning knife. 

  • Quality high carbon 440c steel
  • Comfort molded grip
  • 6" semi flex blade
  • Anti-slip handle

    The semi-flexibility of the blade comfortably trims and bones out meat. The 6" length offers both comfort and precision. It's the most universal knife for processing multiple kinds of meats and perfect for brisket trimming.

    Use it for:

    • trimming briskets
    • removing silverskin
    • removing backstraps
    • processing wild game
    • cleaning pork butts
    • and more!
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