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Lumber Jack

Lumber Jack Supreme Blend BBQ Pellets 20 LB

Lumber Jack Supreme Blend BBQ Pellets 20 LB

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Supreme Blend has the rich flavour of Hickory, combined with the heat and mild smooth flavour of Oak and imparts food with a hint of colour and sweetness from the Cherry. One of the most popular Lumber Jack flavours, this supreme all-around blend is good with all foods. If you are only choosing a few varieties, make sure to try this blend! Lumber Jack Supreme Blend wood BBQ pellets are an all-purpose blend for cooking and smoking of all foods.

Pairs with:

  • beef
  • pork
  • poultry
  • seafood
  • game
  • duck
  • baking
  • veggies

    • 1/3 Oak, 1/3 Hickory, and 1/3 Cherry
    • Ground before pelleting, every pellet contains the full recipe for a consistent flavour.
    • Made from 100% pure Oak, Hickory, and Cherry wood chips, not residual sawdust.
    • Consists of the bark and cambium layer of trees where the most flavour in a tree resides.
    • Smaller diameter to create a hotter burn and more smoke with more surface area.
    • No oils, sprays, fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Just 100% all-natural wood!
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