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Lumber Jack

The Smokin Wedgie Gift Pack- Beef Ribs & Pork

The Smokin Wedgie Gift Pack- Beef Ribs & Pork

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  • Beef/Ribs/Pork kit which contains Hickory & Mesquite Blend pellets
  • Can be used to cold smoke cheese, nuts, meats, veggies and more
  • Convert any grill into a wood BBQ pellet smoker
  • Works with gas, pellet, charcoal, and electric grills
  • Works with any brand of BBQ pellets
  • Holds up to 1lb of BBQ pellets and provides 1-2 hours of smoke
  • Light one side for lighter, longer smoke lasting approx 2 hours
  • Light both sides for stronger, quicker smoke lasting approx 1 hour

The Smokin' Wedgie

  • Smoke Generator creates clean, “Creosote Free” smoke!
  • Cold Smoke Meat, Fish, Cheese, Nuts and More!
  • Hot Smoke your favourite foods
  • Constructed of Stainless Steel – Durable and will not rust
  • Small, light and portable
  • Can be used in a smoker or grill
  • No holes to drill
  • No cords to plug in
  • Produces very little heat
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean – “NO MESS”!

Thickness is comparable to a ream of printer paper.

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