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UNA Grills

UNA Grills

UNA Grills

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The UNA Grill is a beautifully designed, portable, and compact charcoal grill. It works great for all your picnics, camping trips, tailgating, beach days, hikes or relaxed barbecues on the patio.

Made from stainless steel and featuring 5 beautiful pastel colours combined with a  stylish leather handle, this grill looks great in any setting 

The UNA Grill transforms into its own stand which ensures zero heat transfer to the surface it's resting on, and all grill components are also dishwasher safe.

If you love charcoal grilling and delicious food flavours but want an easy solution no matter where you go the UNA Grill is perfect for you.

Whether you're entertaining friends, impressing a date or have ventured on a solo-trip the UNA Grill is the most enjoyable and convenient BBQ to use this summer!

It also makes for the perfect wedding, leaving for college, or birthday gift!


What can I cook on my UNA Grill?

Beef, fish, lamb, pork, chicken, veggies, tortillas, rotis, flatbreads and much more! Your UNA Grill has two grill heights and dedicated skewer slots.

Where can I use my UNA Grill? Your balcony, the rooftop, at the beach, in the park, while on a hike or on your tailgate...UNA Grill is a table-top charcoal grill that goes wherever you go. It's safe to use on all stable surfaces (yes, even glass tables or the lawn). Just don't use your UNA Grill indoors.

How do I transport my UNA Grill? The UNA Grill comes with a leather strap handle for easy carrying. Due to it's compact size and weighing in at just over 3kg it's simple and easy to throw on your bike, in a backpack, picnic basket or in the trunk of your car. You can even store your charcoal inside the UNA Grill in a small ziploc bag! 

How do I assemble my UNA Grill? Your UNA Grill comes preassembled, ensuring a fast and easy to set up. All you need to do is take off the lid, and use it as the base of your grill. Use two or three small fire starter blocks under the coals and start grilling once the flames have died down.

How do I clean my UNA Grill? Always dispose of the coals in a suitable fireproof container. The body and lid can be cleaned with a mild soap solution. All the stainless steel parts are dishwasher-safe, so no need for scrubbing. We recommend storing your UNA Grill indoors. It€™s so compact you can keep it anywhere in the garage, your kitchen cupboard, or even in the trunk of your car.

How safe is my UNA Grill? The UNA Grill has been designed to the highest quality and safety standards. It even features a small grill removal tool so that you don't risk burning your fingers. As with all grills, read the safety instructions and use as intended!

Why is it called UNA Grill? Food is a universal language that people from every part of the world can relate to and enjoy. Food unites us and brings us together. This is what the UNA Grill is all about. Una is the Latin word for together".

  • Compact for easy storage
  • Portable and table-top ready with no heat transfer
  • Quality leather handle and components
  • Simple and easy to set up your charcoal grill
  • 2 Grill heights
  • Dedicated Skewer slots
  • Easy to clean: Stainless steel (304) parts are dishwasher-safe


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