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Weber 8-pc. Griddle Cleaning Kit

Weber 8-pc. Griddle Cleaning Kit

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It’s everything you need to give your griddle a deep clean. There’s a detail scraper to remove large chunks of food, scour pads to scrub off stuck on bits, cleaning stones to get rid of stubborn stains. Easy grip handles clip onto the scour pad and cleaning stone for comfortable, efficient cleaning.

• Includes: 1 detail scraper, 3 scour pads, 2 cleaning stones, 2 easy grip handles
• Detail scraper’s beveled design effectively removes debris, including corners
• Easy grip handles clip on securely, and lightweight design for effortless cleaning
• Durable scour pad and cleaning stone can be used on warm and cool surfaces
• Handles and scraper are dishwasher safe for quick cleanup


Individual Carton Dimensions: 11.42"H x 10.04"W x 4.61"D
Quantity: 8 pieces
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe (Handles and Scraper)
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